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Participation of SSAU employees in the opening of a new dealer center “Rostselmash”


In the village of Verkhnerusskoye, Shpakovsky District of the Stavropol Territory, the grand opening of the dealer center of the company ZAO Stavropolstroyoptorg, built according to the Rostselmash standard, took place.

Professors Alexander Viktorovich Orlyansky and Sultan Nanuovich Kapov, associate professors Yegor Vladimirovich Kulaev, Gennady Gennadyevich Shmatko, Nikolai Anatolyevich Baganov, Alexander Nikolaevich Petenev, Dmitry Ivanovich Gritsai and Nikolai Alexandrovich Maryin took part in the opening ceremony.

Dealer center “Rostselmash” is represented by a new multifunctional site, which includes a modern client area, which occupies 600 square meters, a warehouse of spare parts, as well as a service area for pre-sale and post-warranty preparation. There are sales departments for complete equipment, sales of spare parts and a communications area. The client area employs 25 people of various competencies, whose workplaces are equipped with the necessary office equipment.

The spare parts warehouse is located in a heated room on an area of ​​1200 sq. m. The warehouse employs from 5 to 10 employees depending on the season. Delivery of products is carried out through 2 terminals in the northern part of the warehouse, 2 more terminals are intended for loading on their own transport, delivering goods to agricultural enterprises. The potential capacity of the warehouse is up to 150 customer shipments per day and the simultaneous formation and loading of 4 own machines for centralized delivery of goods to farms. For mechanization of work, 3 electrics and 2 forklifts are used. The warehouse uses a digital electronic system for address storage of parts.

In the service area, pre-sale preparation of Rostselmash equipment and post-warranty repair of combines and tractors are carried out. For these purposes, 4 large and 2 small workplaces are provided, 2 crane beams with a lifting capacity of 3.5 tons, special diagnostic equipment with licensed software, a hydraulic press, a drilling machine, workbenches, rooms for dispensing technical fluids, and for charging batteries have been installed. To ensure safe operation, there are forced gas evacuation systems. In addition, on the main territory of Stavropolstroyoptorg there is a Technical Center for Motor Repair, where overhaul of engines is carried out. There is also an office space, household rooms with showers and dryers for shoes and clothes.

Currently, the service department employs 30 specialists, which allows maintaining the warranty of 200 Rostselmash machines operating in the Stavropol Territory.

During the event, lecturers of the faculty with representatives of agricultural enterprises and companies discussed, and also identified ways and opportunities for further improvement of work and points of interaction, which will improve the quality of the knowledge gained from students of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization with internship at enterprises with subsequent employment. 

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