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Official information

Successful passing of the Personal financial credit by students of SSAU
As part of the Strategy for Improving Financial Literacy in the Russian Federation for 2017-2023, the Bank of Russia, together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, is holding the IV All-Russian online financial literacy test for the population and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses from November 30 to December 16.
Meeting of students with a production representative
At the Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture, a meeting was held with the head of the branch of LLC "Ecological Guide" Sergei Viktorovich Portyanko. LLC "Ecological conductor" - accompanies the activities of the organization to the state of compliance with environmental legislation. Uses the latest software and a unique system for storing environmental documentation.
SSAU teachers were awarded with gratitude from the head of the city of Stavropol
In September, the Unified Voting Day took place, in the organization of which thousands of people were involved across the country. In the Stavropol Territory, deputies were elected to the city and regional Duma.
International action: dictation in English at Agrarian University
On December 7, 2021, the Pop Youth Policy Department, together with the Institute of International Relations of the Kazan Federal University, in order to motivate young people to learn foreign languages as a means of international communication and improve literacy and the level of proficiency in English language norms, organize and conduct an English dictation among students of higher education organizations and educational organizations. In 2020, more than 22,000 students from 79 regions of Russia, as well as Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, joined the Dictate.
University Interfaculty Olympiad on Law
The Olympiad is held with the aim of strengthening students' knowledge in basic disciplines. The teams performed tasks in four rounds: "Solvers", "True or False?", "Guess!" and The Decryptor.
Annual Olympiad on Project Management
Design thinking is the foundation for the success of a modern organization. Project-oriented thinking has been around for a long time, but it is still a really necessary management tool, as it aims to achieve significant and sustainable success. Instead of a boilerplate mentality that focuses on the idea and completion of the project, design thinking requires an answer to the question "What's next?" This way of thinking opens up more possibilities and gives the freedom to think outside the lifecycle of a single project, putting the organization one step ahead of the competition.
Profile agricultural shift "We are the owners of the Earth!" started at Agrarian University
The change brought together active members of the student production teams of the Stavropol Territory - students of the 9th, 10th and 11th grades of the general educational organizations of the Stavropol Territory. For seven days, schoolchildren will get acquainted with innovative technologies in the agricultural sector of the region; will take part in research at the faculties of the university.
Foresight "Digital transformation of economic sectors of the North Caucasus Federal District"
As part of the implementation of the activities of the program of strategic academic leadership "PRIORITY 2030", the staff of the Faculty of Economics, together with the Southern Regional Subdivision of AGRICO LLC, conducted a foresight on the topic "Digital Transformation of Economic Sectors of the North Caucasus Federal District" in the space of the University Boiling Point.
Binary class of students with an expert
The Faculty of Economics held a meeting of students with the head of the strategic development bureau of PJSC "Neptune" Vladimir Vitalievich Merkulov. The purpose of the meeting was to familiarize future specialists with the competencies required in the professional activities of economists. The greatest attention was paid to the issues of strategic planning for the development of the enterprise and the region. The students were also interested in the opinion of a specialist about the most promising areas of professional activity, employers' requirements for hiring, opportunities and conditions for career advancement.
VII interuniversity championship in corporate finance
The Corporate Finance Championship "Financial Stand-Up" is a final presentation to the experts of the group project. The championship was held in two stages. First, the participants showed a video portfolio in which they presented the team. The next stage in the fight for victory was the presentation of a public presentation. A public presentation is a team presentation of innovative projects in order to convince the jury of the prospects and quality of the project. Successfully delivering a presentation to investors, buyers or partners is essential to the success of any project. The idea of the project is to introduce a new business with high profitability and to attract funding for the project.
Stavropol regional competition of pedagogical skills among student pedagogical teams "Leader of the Year - 2021"
The Regional Center for Youth Projects, together with the Stavropol regional branch "Russian Student Detachments" (RSO), held a competition of pedagogical skills among student pedagogical brigades "Leader of the Year - 2021". The best ones were chosen in several nominations: "Leader -" Breakthrough", it was attended by guys who have experience of the first work as a leader in a children's health camp in 2021, while the age of the participants is from 18 to 21 years; “Counselor -“Profi ”, for those whose experience as a counselor in a children's camp is at least two years, the age of the participants is from 20 to 25 years.
Forum about the main achievements of our time and the professions of the future "PRO Future"
The organizer of the forum is the Russian Society "Knowledge". The forum lasted 3 days, each of which was divided into four thematic tracks: from technologies and science of the future to medicine, marketing, economics and ecology. Forum "PRO Future" is organized primarily for students of universities and professional educational institutions of the city and region. In the program of the forum, the participants talked about cities without waste, about the transition to an ecological lifestyle in Stavropol, about myths of a cosmic scale, learned the subtleties of 3D modeling, learned about the possibilities of artificial intelligence and its training, about how to find an idea for a startup, were engaged in futuropractice. and learned to create the most advanced content for their social networks.
Participation of employees of Stavropol State Agrarian University in the opening of the "Boiling Point" of Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy
The opening of the "Boiling Point" took place in Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy. Boiling Point "is a space for collective work, which was created for educational and discussion events, working sessions, open lectures, designed to contribute to the implementation of the National Technology Initiative, the digital economy and the development of the country. The boiling point of Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy is the third point in the network of agar universities. The first was opened in 2019 at Stavropol State Agrarian University, the second in May 2021 at Novosibirsk State Agrarian University.
Student scientific quest “Secret stories of N.I. Vavilov"
For the first time, a student scientific quest dedicated to the famous Russian and Soviet scientist Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov was held on the basis of the faculties of agrobiology and land resources, ecology and landscape architecture.
Prevention of new coronavirus infection COVID-19
The university handed out specially designed leaflets on the prevention of coronavirus infection to students.

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